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About Us – The E-Team

The E-Team is comprised of two veteran real estate agents who work in the North Attleboro area.

This web site is solely focused on all facets of residential real estate in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.    The intent of our web site is to be the premier stop for all things related to residential real estate for North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Our site covers the majority of the major condo communities and residential neighborhoods in North Attleboro and everything in between.

Why we Built

After reviewing the marketplace, our team discovered that real estate search sites and agents offered web sites that contained very fragmented  information about the area.

Many agents try to be “one size fits all – general practitioners” .  In their approach, they do not become experts in one specific town , but rather generalist in broader regional areas.

After recognizing that there is no singular place where a buyer or a seller of a residential property could go to get comprehensive real estate, neighborhood and market information we decided to build

It was our intent to build a platform where people looking for a Realtor to help them either buying or selling in N. Attleboro could have a single site for their information gathering process as well as being able to speak to a live agent with experience rather than just a Silicon Valley startup w/ no “boots on the ground in N. Attleboro.”

Our team joined forces to create The E-Team  to help service this community and the surrounding towns.

The towns we focus on are: North Attleboro, Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham, Franklin, Foxboro Sharon and Mansfield

Meet The North Attleboro E-Team

Both founding partners of the E-Team North Attleboro are sales associates of Keller Williams Realty.

Michael Mahoney

Michael Mahoney - North Attleboro Realtor

Michael Mahoney  is a  veteran Greater Boston Realtor for 15+ years.
You can see more about Michael Mahoney on his personal web site  @ or read his full bio here

Yvonne Thompson

Yvonne Thompson North Attleboro Realtor

Yvonne Thompson  has been representing buyers, sellers and investors in Norfolk and Bristol County real estate transactions for over 17 years. You can see more about Yvonne Thompson on her personal web site @ or read her full bio here

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